I have spent my career working with churches and charities to stabilize families, empower communities, and provide our next generation with the tools they need to succeed. Today, renovating a home just blocks from where my story began, I stand humbled and excited by the opportunity to apply those skills and provide fresh perspective for Bloomington.
— Patrick Martin, candidate for City Council District IV

A love of family

Serving breakfast at The Salvation Army.

Serving breakfast at The Salvation Army.

Patrick spent his early years in the then-Versailles Apartments (today Village Park) in East Bloomington. The son of a Northwest Airlines flight attendant and a hardware salesman, his father put in extra late night hours as the apartment's security guard to make ends meet. Soon after Patrick's arrival, his father discovered that difficult tenants were hesitant to argue when he was holding a bouncing baby boy. It proved a fruitful partnership that (though uncompensated) instilled in Patrick a deep respect for those working hard to provide a better shot for their children and families. 

A passion for service

Patrick's appreciation for accountability and collaboration was sparked during his college years. As an active member of student government, Patrick chaired commissions that allocated more than $3.5 million for crucial programs like Health Services, athletics, and more than $10 million for innovative academic and cultural programming. That first-hand experience in responsibility and transparency ignited a passion for public service that he pursued after graduation. Through an Americorps affiliate, he was placed as a 7th grade humanities teacher for a majority diverse student population who came overwhelmingly from low-income households. Each and every day, Patrick was inspired by incredible parents. These passionate advocates for their children, despite generational poverty and entrenched neighborhood crime, were totally committed to giving their kids the boost needed to build a better life - the kind of life that his own parents, exhausted from weeks of red-eye flights and late night shifts, provided for him.

A career building community

Patrick has dedicated his career to empowering churches, charities, and community organizations to break cycles of poverty, stabilize families in crisis, and empower our next generation. Through service on the City of Bloomington Parks, Arts and Recreation Commission, the Bloomington Advisory Board of Health, and the Tri-City Partners for Healthy Communities he has studied the difficult issues and tremendous opportunities that face our city and has gained valuable perspective on how municipal government can make an impact. It is with a deep appreciation for the trust and support of his friends and neighbors that he puts his name forward for the Bloomington City Council seat in District IV.